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 Thank you, friends, for stopping by and joining me on this cool and crazy journey!      And that journey continues......

   My story "The Three Stooges" is included in Akashic Books' legendary series of original noir anthologies: the latest California installment, Oakland Noir.  And I will be eternally grateful.

  But my heart is breaking for our children. Scenes of terror, destruction, murder, and Mother Nature going berserk burst like a continuous disaster movie from our TV screens, smart phones and monitors, but the news is real. We must do something. I believe that a child's mind, often full of adult worries, can be comforted with love and faith in the future.  That comfort, we can only dream, is enough. It's up to us. Share stories of beauty, of hope.

​    Thank you for visiting this site!  Most of all, keep on reading (it's so much fun)!   

          Best wishes,   Phil    (Sept. 2017)

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Dear "Phil: Up On Life" blog fans - so sorry, but my blog site is currently getting re-fueled! New entries to begin at the end of 2017. Thanks for being pAtient!

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Dear Friends,

With equal parts gratitude and excitement I’d like to share with you the news of my latest publication, “The Three Stooges”,a story included in the new anthology release,

Oakland Noir!

(Akashic Books, NY)